Frame Buffer

The functions communicates the UperGrafx via USB. Screen shots can be captured and then saved in PNG format.

Save Path

Here you can specify where you wish to save the PNG screen shots.


Show Buffer

Displays the framebuffer data at a 1:1 pixel ratio.

frame buffer vi_1080.png
frame buffer vi_1082.png

Show Screen


Displays the portion of the display area that actually contains data, and scales it up to 720p.


The portion of the display area that contains no data shows up as semi-transparent.

cropping object layer


Although it is not displayed on the GUI, a file called 0000_obj.png is output together with 0000.png. If _obj is attached, objects (sprites) are output as internal processing of PCE.VDC, and the surroundings include a transparent color with alpha channels.


Since it is an object as internal processing of PCE.VDC, a picture different from the user's expectation may appear. This function is extracted after the layers obtained from EXTBUS are combined, so it is necessary to completely separate each layer Is impossible.

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