Data can be transferred to and from the UperGrafx via a USB cable. Data that can be transferred includes: screenshots, save data, VSync adjustments, and firmware updates.

The data transfer software requires Microsoft Windows.

UperGrafx Control Panel version 1.10, software for Microsoft Windows

This program includes functions for both CD image transfers and all other types of data transfers. Even though a different link is provided in the CD image transfer section of the website, the contents are the same.

Installing the UperGrafx Control Panel


Description of the functions

page: com.main

the function gets pixel data from the frame buffer.
the function reads or writes the save data from the backup memory or memory base.
the function calibrates the timing of pixel clock.
Reset PCE
the function control resets the PCE system.

page: com.sub

UperGrafx updater
the functions updates new system datas.
ROM dumper
the functions can dump into your PC from HuCard slot.

page:formatter, writer, imagelist

These pages are not data connection software. These functions manages ROM/DISC images in the MMC, user's PC. Please check image transferer software.

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